> the oil and world relation essay in english pdf

the oil and world relation essay in english pdf


The oil and world relation 

Oil has come to play a very important role in modern words. A day rarely passes without oil being in the news. The world's oil Industry is the world leading Industry in size and is perhaps the only international industry which concerns every country in the world

The Arab countries are the biggest oil producing and oil exporting countries of the world. USA, Europe and others nation in Africa and Asia are dependent on Saudi Arabia Libya Iraq and gulf state for supply of oil. In the year following World War II the oil producing countries have become more and more aware of their fundamental National interest and Tailored the production and prices of oil to suit their own purpose

Awareness of Reliance of USA on oil outputs from Middle East, the Arab oil producing nations in 1973 use oil as a mean of bringing pressure to bear on USA to discontinue its Pro Israeli policy. Oil became successful economic and political weapon in struggle and continuous to be so today

Since World War II oil has made visible effects on international relations and economic development of the world. The closure of the Suez Canal for instance after the world war of 1956 and six-day war of 1967 had a stunning effect on the movement of the oil. The ban on shipping oil to US and Europe had several serious consequences

Developing countries too are dependent on oil. They are at rapid economic development and face the need to increase their energy resources

The  presence of natural gas and reservoirs of oil in Baluchistan are the good omen, but  only time will tell if they are large enough to upset our wholesale foreign supply without the discovery and use  of energy sources like  the nuclear energy ,the development of any country is not possible and this is evidently true of Pakistan as well.

The oil and world relation

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