> united nations essay for 1st year students

united nations essay for 1st year students


United Nations (اقوام متحدہ)

This international outlook and desire for peace among nations of the World have expressed themselves in the formation of international peace sustaining organizations. The Congress of Vienna grew out of the Napoleonic wars, the League of Nations from the havoc of World War 1 and the United Nations out of ruins of World War II. The United Nations has its headquarters in New York City. It was formally set up in a Conference of fifty countries at San Francisco in 1945 and it began to operate in January, 1946.

The United Nations has a host of agencies and sub-agencies with headquarters in different cities of the world. However, there are three main bodies. These bodies work for the maintenance of peace and creation of Social and economic conditions which are conducive to the establishment of peace.

Security Council: It has fifteen members of which five (Russia, United States, China, France and Britain) are permanent members, whereas ten others are elected by the General Assembly (which is composed of all the member states, each for a period of two years. The principal duty of this body is to keep peace throughout the world, but it cannot make an important decision if any of the permanent members, who have "Veto Power", votes against it. General Assembly: More than 150 states are its members and each member state has one vote in it. The General Assembly can discuss all matters. In some cases it can make recommendations to the Security Council. New members of the UN, and members of most of the main bodies,

are elected by it, but in many cases only with the approval of the Security Council.

Economic and Social Council: It is a twenty-seven member body. Its members are elected by the General Assembly for a period of three years.

It aims at making living conditions better and human rights greater throughout the world. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) coordinates the activities of member states in the fields of education, science and culture. The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank) and its affiliates lend money to member states for various development projects.

The United Nations was brought into being with the avowed aim of maintaining peace in the strife-torn world. It was able to stop bloodshed in many parts of the world. It was United Nations which stopped fighting between India and Pakistan on four occasions, between Israel and her Arab neighbors many times, between Holland and Indonesia, ended civil war in Laire and Nigeria. It moved swiftly to prevent full scale war between Israel, France, Britain and Egypt over the Suez Canal.

But its failures are also many. It has, for example, failed to force India to honor its commitments in Kashmir make Israel give up its aggressive Stance towards her neighbors, especially Lebanon and settle the issue of Cyprus. Let us hope and pray that the big powers will realize the importance of peace, live in peace and let others live in peace. Only then the purpose of Setting up the UN will be achieved.

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