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what foods can diabetics eat


Useful starchy foods for diabetic patients

Diabetics are usually advised to avoid carbohydrates i.e. starchy foods and most people will be surprised to know that according to experts there are 5 starchy foods that are good for diabetics.

1- Potatoes

Potatoes, also known as 'white carbohydrates', provide rich amounts of fiber and protein and are beneficial for diabetics if they are cooked instead of fried and made into 'chips'. .

2- Pasta

Pasta will also be better for diabetics, this research has revealed that its starch is digested slowly, due to which the blood sugar level does not increase, so diabetics should add it to vegetables. Gaya can eat delicious pasta without worry as it is not harmful to their health.

3- Dry fruits

Thus, there are some dry fruits that are suitable for diabetics such as prawns, they contain fiber and have a low glycemic index which can potentially keep blood sugar under control.

Therefore, experts advise diabetic patients to consume a certain amount of dry fruits.

4- Carrot

Even though carrots are naturally sweet, they are not high in sugar, contributing to blood sugar control with about 2 grams of dietary fiber and minimal sugar.

In addition, carrots are rich in antioxidants and vitamins, especially vitamin A.

5- Cereal

The use of cereal in the diet can also be suitable for diabetic patients.

Consuming oats is especially beneficial for the health of diabetics as oats contain beta-glucan, which is known to lower blood sugar and insulin levels.

Apart from this, diabetic patients are advised to include flax and chia seeds in their diet

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