> what are the reason of headache

what are the reason of headache


New cause of headache discovered, linked to inflammation of the neck

Researchers have found that tension headaches are associated with neck inflammation. Research suggests that the common headache that affects two-thirds of Americans may be caused by inflammation in the neck.

In this regard, in a study conducted at the Technical University of Munich in Germany, 50 adults between the ages of 20 and 21 and half of them were suffering from headaches due to stress, to find out the cause of their headaches. An MRI scan was done for

The research team was led by Dr. Niko Solmann, a radiology resident at the Technical University of Munich. "Our research suggests that early headaches are caused by constant tension in the neck muscles," he said.

Types include neck pain during migraine or tension headache.

This revealed that the disease is caused by high levels of T2 signals in the muscles passing through the back of the neck and shoulders.

According to experts, this discovery will help to develop a better method of treating neck pain according to the target

reasons of headache

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