> list of vegetables and their health benefits

list of vegetables and their health benefits


Vegetables are the best source of nutrition and disease

Vegetables are among the special blessings of Allah. All kinds of seasonal vegetables are available in Pakistan. Vegetables contain all nutrients, vitamins, minerals and especially fiber. Eating vegetables keeps a person healthy and energetic.

Their use is especially recommended during illness. The usefulness of fresh and green leafy vegetables for good health is undeniable. If there is salad in the food, the taste of the food becomes double.

Eating vegetables raw and cooked has numerous benefits. Vegetables contain all the nutrients and vitamins. Consume more fresh vegetables to stay healthy and fresh. Below is the essential information about the properties, benefits and efficacy of some famous vegetables during various diseases.


It is high in iron and salts. Spinach strengthens the liver. It purifies the blood. Beneficial in stroke and relieves hardening of blood vessels. Lowers blood pressure. By eating clay, coal, the color of children turns yellow and the stomach becomes bloated. Feed such children spinach, fenugreek, and turnip in abundance. Add salt to the soup of the leaves in the yolk. Grinding spinach and applying it to the roots of the hair after washing the head for an hour stops hair fall while it is useful for the gums.


Radish contains vitamins A, B, C, E. Use radish regularly to prevent hair fall. Apply radish juice on the scalp. This weakness is also useful for stomach, hemorrhoids, stones. Food is digested immediately. In jaundice, extract the water of the leaves, heat it, add jaggery or sugar and drink it repeatedly, make radish bhaji and feed it. If the spleen is enlarged, eating radish and vinegar is very useful.

In old colds, mix radish water and lemon juice and use garlic with radish for sore throat. To get rid of alcohol, heroin and other addictive drugs, grind green radish leaves in water and add two spoons of honey and drink one cup in the morning and one cup at bedtime for one month. Inshallah, there will be relief from narcotic drugs.



In sore throat and diphtheria, drink radish water mixed with lemon juice, grind radish seeds and eat them with warm water to clear the voice. In chronic cough, add 25 grams of salt radish, mix two spoons of honey and eat it. For hemorrhoids, eat two radishes with sugar daily, or radish leaves with sugar and eat them daily. For 40 days or at night, cut radish and add salt and keep it in dew and eat it in the morning. Stomach worms are warded off by eating radish or its leaves. To relieve menstrual pain, boil 25 grams of radish seeds in four spoons of honey and drink three to four times a day. God willing, the pain will go away.

The carrot

Carrots are a treasure trove of vitamin A. Eat it raw or cook it for sharper vision. Liver functions will be normal. Drink a glass of juice daily. Eyes will be sharp and face will be fresh. Carrot jam strengthens the heart and lowers blood pressure. To strengthen the brain, eat almonds in the morning and drink carrot juice and milk, its seed is also a nerve tonic. Drinking carrot juice relieves migraines. Carrot juice, jam, halwa, gajreela and pickle syrup are all beneficial. If someone has sleepwalking problem, soak half full of carrots at night, extract the juice in the morning and drink one glass in the morning and one glass at bedtime.

Bitter gourd

Although bitter gourd is a bit bitter, eating bitter gourd reduces the sugar content. Stomach worms die and liver functions are normalized.


Like sugarcane, sugar is also produced from beets. Patients with phlegm and cancer should eat one serving daily. Washing the head with boiling leaves removes dandruff and kills head lice. For kidney stones, boil beetroot in water until the water thickens. Drink one cup daily 3, 4 times a day. Kidney stones will crumble and be passed out.



Cucumber is a delicious vegetable, the effervescence of its bark purifies the blood. This decoction is also useful in malaria. Eating kuchar removes boils. There is an elixir for troops. Eating it cures piles. Boils and white spots are removed by drinking the decoction of kitchenar bark mixed with sandalwood.


Turnip meat is a popular dish. Turnip contains a lot of calcium, phosphorus, protein, iron, vitamin C, due to which eating it strengthens the nerves. Eyesight sharpens and immunity increases. Its leaves are high in calcium, hence useful for bones, teeth, muscles. It is useful to feed the juice of its leaves to children.


Potato can rightly be called the king of vegetables. No food dish is complete without it. Potato is a treasure of minerals and starch. Apart from calcium, potassium, phosphorus and iron, sodium magnesium, sulfur, chlorine, iodine, copper etc. are also found in it. If you apply potato juice on the burn, the burn will go away.

For kidney pain and stones, add olive oil to potato chaat and eat it. In joint pains and other pains, eat one piece of roasted potato, one piece of tomato, a little ginger, one lemon and one spoon of vinegar mixed with salt and pepper and you will get relief soon. If we eat potatoes, beets, carrots or bitter gourds, cooked with or without meat, stomach irritation, stomach ache and headache will go away. Feeding children steamed or oven-roasted potatoes with butter, cream increases their growth and increases their weight.


It is rich in starch, oily ingredients, vitamins A, B. Apply the water of arvi leaves on the spot of bleeding or soak a cloth and the bleeding will stop. If there are blisters in the mouth, apply a paste of the bark of Arvi mixed with honey. For falling hair, mix well one teaspoon of Arvi in one cup of water and add curd and apply on the head and wash the head after four hours. If lactating mothers eat arvi, their milk will increase.


It is useful to make raita and eat it. Burn eggplant and make ash, mix it with honey and apply it on piles, it will be cured, it contains protein, calcium, phosphorus and iron. In the month of Ramadan, eggplant fritters are very tasty at the time of breaking the fast.


Research has proven that there are some components in cabbage that can prevent cancer

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