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most common exercise mistakes


Common mistakes made during exercise

Exercise is very important for the general health of the body and mind, but there are some common mistakes during exercise which, if not taken care of, can lead to difficulties in achieving the desired results of the exercise.

Following are some of the common writing mistakes that are often unknowingly made during exercise:

1) Not preparing the body by light exercise before exercise and not resting the body after exercise.

2) Wrong body position or direction during exercise: This can lead to a physical accident during exercise.

3) Exercising beyond endurance while ignoring body fatigue or pain.

4) Intensification of exercise early on, whereas the correct method is to increase exercise gradually.

5) Neglecting flexibility exercises and adopting other forms of exercise.

6) Inadequate Breathing: Excessive holding of breath during exercise or not breathing according to movements can cause fatigue and dizziness.

7) Relying only on exercise for health is the biggest mistake. Along with exercise, food, water and adequate sleep are also essential.

8) Expecting quick results from exercise can lead to disappointment down the line. Patience in exercise is the key to effectively achieving the desired results in your physical health.

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