> How much sugar can be consumed on a daily basis

How much sugar can be consumed on a daily basis


how many grams of sugar should you consume on a daily basis

According to medical experts, eating sweets gives a kind of happiness, but it can also lead to other unnecessary diseases, especially overweight, obesity and diabetes. According to experts, eating sweets releases endorphin hormones from our brain, which makes us feel happy, but that doesn't mean we start eating sweets randomly.

Experts say that eating too much sugar causes problems when we don't do proper physical work or exercise, these problems increase.According to them, depending on the physical activity, it is necessary to consume an appropriate amount of sugar or products made from it so that the amount required by our body can be met.

According to a 2023 report released by the World Obesity Atlas, by 2035, 51 percent or 4 billion people in the world will be overweight or obese.According to the report, along with this, obesity in children will increase at a double rate, while the rate of obesity in girls will be more than double that of boys, the main reason being the excessive consumption of sugar.According to medical experts, in the mid-80s or mid-90s, weight gain and diabetes problems were seen among people belonging to rich families.

This was because then Chinese food was a source of luxury or enjoyment but now in the last 15 years children are facing similar problems as they have many options of sweets in food and drink.

 According to the American Heart Association, a man should eat no more than 36 grams or 150 calories of sugar per day.Also, women should not consume more than 25 grams or 100 calories of sugar.

recommended daily amount of sugar intake

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