> cocoa supplements can boost memory and cognitive function

cocoa supplements can boost memory and cognitive function


A multivitamin supplement that is taken daily can boost memory and cognitive function.

 According to an expert, a daily multivitamin is connected to both memory and cognition in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

A professional recommended a safe and easily accessible method of enhancing cognitive function through the use of an intermittent supplement.

The Cocoa Supplement and Multivitamin Outcomes Study (COSMOS) conducted a sub study that examined the effects of multivitamins supplements on cognition using telephone and online assessments. The findings indicated that consuming 1-2 daily multivitamins supplements may help slow cognitive aging.

Dr Chirag M. Vyas, an instructor in clinical investigation at Massachusetts General Hospital, declared, “Preserving memory and cognition is a major priority for most older adults, and multivitamin supplements show promise as a safe and accessible approach to supporting cognitive function in ageing.”

Among COSMOS-Clinic participants, multivitamin supplementation had ‘modest’ beneficial effects on global cognition scores over two years. However, they found ‘a significantly more favorable change in episodic memory scores.

Unlike other distant studies, this study utilized personal cognitive assessments to detect minor changes in cognitive functioning.

Based on the findings from other recent research in this area, this continues to affirm the lifestyle and dietary changes that can help reduce age-related cognitive decline.

More specifically, this study showed that multivitamins can benefit both global cognition (executive function, verbal memory and complex attention) and episodic memory (the ability to learn, store and retrieve information throughout the day).

Based on these findings, there is decent preliminary evidence that supplementing with a multivitamin may help older adults’ cognitive function. This is something clinicians can have a conversation with patients about, especially if these patients may struggle to get quality nutrition.

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