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Medical experts say exercise is a guarantee of good health at any time, but can we make it a habit to exercise at the best time of day

You must have enjoyed playing games or cycling in the evening. Most of the sports in the world are played in the evening. It is obvious that people are back from work at this time, but in fact, the energy of games is high at this time and the benefits are also significant. Therefore, medical experts say that the best time for exercise is from 4:30 pm to 8 pm. Research has also indicated that different times of exercise have different effects on the health of men and women.

How the body is affected by our physical actions and exercise has to do with the molecules and cells in our body that regulates some of our body's functions 24 hours a day. At the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, physiologist Julian Zerat is researching the relationship between exercise and time. In their study, Julian Zerat and his colleagues found that rats that exercised early in the morning lost more weight. This, they say, proves that exercise at the best time of day is beneficial in preventing diabetes and obesity.

"Everyone agrees that exercise is good, but only if you do it all the time," the researchers said, adding that the metabolic and biological benefits of exercise may be even more beneficial at different times of the day.

In a recent study on humans, researchers have shown that exercising one day a week in the morning helps build muscle, in addition to reducing belly fat and normalizing blood pressure. Gives

The surprising part of these studies is that if women do this exercise in the evening, their muscle tone may increase, but if men do the same exercise in the evening, it is said to be more effective and beneficial in lowering blood pressure.

It should be noted that these studies are still in the initial stages and have not been completed. One of the reasons for this is that "just as our body parts are different, each person's body clock is also different".

A group of American researchers say, 'For those of us who get up early in the morning, our body clock can run less than 24 hours and those who stay up late at night, their body clock can run more than 24 hours. Is'.

A group of researchers led by Esser found that rats that trained in the morning were able to adapt to change faster than those that trained and exercised in the afternoon. This study has not yet been published and should be reviewed again.

Researchers believe that if the same effect can be found in humans, it will be easier for athletes to time their muscle building. Also, all these things are true to nature, our body easily accepts any kind of training or learning when it is done at the same time as per a regular schedule.

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