> how to stop headache without pills

how to stop headache without pills


Follow these tips instead of a headache 'pill'

Headaches are often caused by blood pressure and sugar imbalances

An occasional headache is not considered a disease, but its severity affects the entire body.

Since the human body is not able to perform other activities due to headache, majority of people use 'painkillers'.

But according to medical experts, relieving headache with the use of these medicines can have negative effects on human health.

These few habits for quick relief from headache can be very helpful for everyone.

Consume a balanced diet

Headaches are often caused by blood pressure and sugar imbalances. So whenever you have a headache, add nutritious ingredients to your diet.

Remember to include fruits, vegetables, grains and protein in your diet.

A little sleep

Taking a short nap is also a good solution for quick headache relief

Drink water

Dehydration can cause headaches, so be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Don't stress

Stressful work also causes headaches. So it is better to do things systematically.

Drink tea

It is common to drink tea for quick relief from headache. The caffeine in tea is an excellent remedy for headaches.

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